Where is the outrage?

I never knew Sean Taylor personally. I can’t pretend to assume to know how much his death might be weighing on people that love him. However, I can honestly say that his death hit very close to home for me. Sean was a member of what I refer to as my generation (he was only a year older than me). Therefore I can imagine what it must be like for his family when I look at my family. He had his whole life ahead of him just like I do. I am sure he made plans, had engagements, dreams, etc. Then someone with a gun took his life and extinguished those same dreams, aspirations and hopes. The light that was his life, is now gone forever. Yet, the public has remained silent. In this one moment, this opportunity to speak out against violence and rail against the senseless killings, the silence has been deafening.  

It is sad that had Sean Taylor committed a crime, he would have received more publicity than he has since his death. Remember the around the clock coverages afforded and reserved for the Mike Vick, Kobe Bryant, Pacman Jones, and recently Barry Bonds stories? I don’t see as much disgust for such violence as there was with Vick and his cruelty with dogs. I have been all over the boards, much of the posts have not been about Sean Taylor. There have been no protests, no calls for the killings to stop, in fact we have dropped the ball. Yes, I have seen a lot of the talking heads and NFL players who were fortunate enough to know Taylor comment on how sad a situation it is but is that all?  

This wasn’t about Sean Taylor alone. This is about the fact that situations like this happen to innocent people everyday, but no one stands up to it. PETA used the Mike Vick case as a platform to speak up on the issue of dog fighting and to educate the public on that issue. Is there no organization or person who will use Sean Taylor situation as a platform to speak out against violence?  

Rest in Peace, Sean.

6 Comments to “Where is the outrage?”

  1. Noboday cares about dead or retired dopers who played a TV sport.

    They are all dead Gladiators

    Gladiators alwayss die prematurely and FANS care more for Michael Vicks dead dogs than for Chris Washburn or Daryl Strawberry.

    Disney-ESPN makes BILLIONS off the steroid injected Sean Taylors of the world.

  2. I definately feel you on that one. When I heard he died, it kind of affected me as well. I’ve always been a Miami Hurricane fan and a big fan of Sean Taylor. I couldn’t believe he died at such a young age. When you’re young, you think you and others close to your age are invincible. I really thought he was gonna be alright. Very sad.

  3. interesting comments. gladiator is an interesting term to choose. it IS a game. the people who play that game are still PEOPLE. any senseless death, especially one endemic of a larger cultural issue. when we value possessions more than life, we begin to create an environment where dogs (which are owned by humans, not the equal of) get more coverage than humans.

  4. The media doesn’t speak out because Sean was a Black man. We don’t speak out because Sean was killed by Black men. It’s a shame that black on black crime is allotted little attention today, even among ourselves. We see it or hear of it everyday if we live in a major city, as I do. I am sorry to say, that we have become immune to the violence and crime. We can’t come up with solutions for which we can stick with to fight the crime; We are afraid most of the time if we live among the crime. I personally have a nephew and two cousins who have been killed on the streets (all before they were 25). I can’t allow my son to live a normal teen life, (like I did); I can’t allow him to hang out with his friends, because I know what they are all up to. I can’t allow him to go to the park, because I know what is there. He is only 15. Now I know that I can’t always protect him, and that he truly belongs to God, but until I get a clearer understanding from God, I will protect him the best way I know how. By the way, I did have a post on Sean. Every time I think about that tragic death, I get mad as hell. Keep safe young man. God Bless.

  5. Every time I seemed to hear Sean’s name, it was for something not so great. That being said, I blogged after his death that regardless of what you thought of the man…the focus should be on his woman and his child who have to live with the horror of what went down that night. Such a tragedy not only for his family but for the guys who were obviously looking for material items, not to murder someone. And all of Sean’s and their friends as well. He was a hitter, man. Fierce competitor.

  6. Cordieb is right on. We can’t continue to ignore the elephant in the room. It is time for change. It is time to be better than we’ve been.

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