He said, He said…..

The drama continues. A while ago, I wrote this blog in response to another one (linked in my blog) which asserted that black athletes tended to get a harsher judgement when it came to wrong doing. Some people didn’t agree with me and insisted that I was stretching. Then the Mitchell Report happened and sure enough my point came to life.

Roger Clemens is arguably the most famous name outed by the Mitchell Report. The Rocket as he is fondly referred to was regarded as one of the finest pitchers of all time. No one saw this coming. Correction: no one wanted to see this. All of a sudden, people in the media were advising people against a rush to judgement

Too bad Barry Bonds was never afforded the same support. There is more evidence against Clemens than there was against Bonds, yet people out there insisted that they knew Barry was guilty (but I digress).

Back to Clemens. Clemens’ old trainer, Brian Mcnamee was the man who fingered Clemens among other people. One of the names was Andy Pettite. Pettite has since admitted that Mcnamee was right about him but Clemens still calls Mcnamee a liar. Clemens has since done quite a few interviews sticking to his guns and has agreed to testify before congress. He has even gone as far as offering to take a lie detector test.

As for Mcnamee, he absolutely refuses to go back on his word .

The plot thickens……  


7 Comments to “He said, He said…..”

  1. Drugs cheats are what TV theater is based on.

    Disney-ESPN makes BILLIONS off doper tools like Clemens, Phamrstrong, Brady, Bonds, Ortiz, Rameriz, Pujols, Glavine, Schilling, Ripkin, Bush, and Tiger Woods too.

    Nike swoosh!

  2. Michael Vick and his 74 tortured steroid & amphetmaine fighting digs were a big ESPN and Nike success too.

    Until the mask came off.

    The media is a $200 BILLION per year lie!!!!

  3. Love your stuff and have added you to my Blogroll as well. This Clemens thing just gets more curious by the moment. Just heard they are delaying the Congressional testimony until February because they want to coordinate efforts with the Department of Justice. Meanwhile, it seems McNamee is now being “highlighted” for a date-rape drug allegation from a few years back. Beautiful. As you probably have picked up from my blogs, I could care less who did what and would let them keep right on juicing, shooting, whatever. But I’m certainly going to watch with interest to see how far Clemens is going to carry his defense…the ‘roid rage he exhibits cracks me up.

  4. Nothing will change.

    Six TV Networks collect $200 BILLION per year broadcasting Ads and theme-based programs (sports, sit com, films) which feature the validations for the lie, and thus drive advertiser client sales volume.

    smoking in films (sponsored by big tabacco)
    product placements on TV or film
    Tom Brady as a hero (nonsense)
    Tiger Woods as a hero (made up by TV)
    Roger Clemens as clean (yeah right)
    Lance Phrmstrong LIVE WRONG (Nike sneakers)
    Hillary versus George Bush (no difference)
    Democrats vrs Republicans (both owned by BIG Business)
    Oil industry being competitive (NOT)
    media being competitive (NOT)
    NFL, MLB, NBA Golf being competitive (NOT)

    Everything on TV is programmed for ratings and to please the sponsors.

    Nothing is natural, ramdom or pure.

    MLB = WWE with corked bats

  5. The white bread owned felons:

    their hood = Connecticut suburbs

    General Electric (NBC)
    Time Warner (TNT, CNN)
    Viacom (CBS)
    Disney Holdings (ESPN, ABC)
    NewsCorp (Fox News, Fox Sports)
    Bayerischer (German based)

    Education or truth telling is NOT the purpose of televison, radio, magazines and newspapers. COLLECTING MONEY is.

    so: steroids, corked bats, aging stars, themes of dominations (Tiger, Brady, Phamrstrong, Kobe, Baroid), lying sports writers, and illegal gambling all help drive TV viewership—and thereby cash flows.

    No golfer can dominate straight up. It is not possible in a cometitive real world.

  6. btw: NBC owned the number 1 rated TV Game Show 21 in 1957.

    Q: Who was their Tiger Woods?????

    A: Charles Van Doren, Phd

    Both had high ‘Q ratings’

    Q rating determine the winners and crowd favorites in advance, not same day skill.

  7. btw:

    NBC-GE rigged that show by cheating.

    Same as they now rig the Olympics today.

    GE = corrupt

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