Table Talk 1: Negativity

I was sitting there wondering what to make our first table talk subject and I couldn’t come up with something yet. All of a sudden inspiration hit me. There is always a lot of negative information out there today.

Listen to the news. There is always something wrong or someone killing somebody, obesity statistics, things that can kill you, How you can avoid being killed etc. Not enough time is focused on the good that is going on around us. We’ve got people volunteering, real life heroes, just plain nice people in the world.

We have enough information about athletes and their wild ways. Their cars and lavish lifestyle. Pacman Jones makes it rain in Vegas, we hear about it. Kobe Bryant helps the make a wish foundation and it gets absolutely no coverage.The end result is that people live in fear. You can’t walk up to someone on the street and say “hello” to them because they might have a gun or might be a freak of some sort.

No wonder certain youth turn to gangs and dreams of becoming rappers or ballplayers. They lack positive role models that they can believe in. How can we tell them to stay in school when we can’t show them examples of people who made that system work for them? It is not that these models don’t exist, they just get little to no coverage.

So this first week is dedicated to the good in all of us. This week is about looking at yourself and saying, this is a beautiful place to live. Its not always doom and gloom all the time. Are things bad? Yes they are but there is so much more good. So much more.


9 Responses to “Table Talk 1: Negativity”

  1. 600,000+ high school teenagers are on steroids today. In the USA alone.

    More in other nations too.

    All Olympians MUST dope. Dope are get cut.

    Medals = MONEY

    NFL = WWE

    MLB = WWE with drugs and corked bats

    NBA = big men on massive drugs

    Olympics = GE-NBC $12 BILLION theater show

  2. Kobe Brynat is:

    a Nike invention
    a philanderer
    a rapist of a 19 year old girl
    a punk
    a selfish teammate
    a steroid addict
    a myth

  3. You may be right in most aspects but you need to understand that as human beings many times we can remember the bad much easier than the good (I’m not saying its right). Good things sometimes don’t excite us and so the media rarely produces it. I can agree with you in that I am so tired of hearing negative news and I rarely if ever watch the news.

  4. Not being negative either.

    I am a positive guy who is NOT blinded by the media lies.

    Kobe is a machine, a tool, just like Tiger, Lance, marion, Brady, Britany or Pacman Jones.

  5. what kobe is or isn’t truly is known only by kobe and God (or whatever your idea is of a higher power). It’s interesting that we speak in definites about people that we don’t know (except through the media). This is not an indictment on the media, but reality is that the media like all people have biases. I don’t know Kobe personally. And I don’t know whether or not he raped anyone or not. What I DO know is, none of us is what someone else thinks of us. I’m not defending Kobe. As a basketball fan I find flaws in his game and hate to hear him compared to Jordan (or anyone compare to Jordan for that matter). But that’s purely on a basketball level. His personal life is his. And that is the point of the post. Being a realist is fine. But to point out that 600000 students (allegedly) use steroids but not point out one positive thing that high school students are doing is putting an unnecessarily negative spin on high school kids. Balance. I don’t feel that all stories should be positive, but I do know that if 50% of what goes on is positive, then 50% of what is reported should be positive.

  6. Thanks Roundtable for that bit of inspiration. We all need to be reminded that negative thoughts lead to negative action. We need to stop stressing on the negative and try to stress on the possitive; perhaps it will become addictive. I believe God gets really mad when we don’t appreciate the goodness of life. Thanks so very, very, very much for the reminder! As always, pass it on. . .

  7. Why is it when we see a positive, uplifting story on the major broadcast and cable networks it stands out so prominently? Because they are so rare. It’s almost like they ration the good news out one story per every three hours or so. Good is everywhere and is non-stop – you just have you keep your eyes and ears open for it and not rely on the evening news to provide it for you.

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