March Madness has got me going loco

Here are my tournament picks;

Sweet 16; UCLA, UNC, Wash. St., Louisville, Tennessee, Kansas, Clemson, Wisconsin, Georgetown, Pittsburgh, Stanford, Texas, Connecticut, Xavier, Arizona and Memphis.

Elite Eight: UNC, Louisville, Kansas, Georgetown, Pittsburgh, Stanford, UCLA and Arizona

Final Four: UNC, Georgetown, UCLA and Stanford

Championship Game: UCLA, UNC

Champions: UCLA


4 Comments to “March Madness has got me going loco”

  1. dont sleep on my homeboys folk MEMPHIS

  2. Sup Rawdawg,
    I don’t mean to diss Memphis but something about them doesn’t reassure me. I don’t know if it is that free throw inefficiency or something else.

  3. Obviously Arizona didn’t work out as planned but a pretty strong showing after 65 are down to 32. Yeah, Memphis’ free throw shooting worries me also, but there are a lot of teams that suffer the same fate. I think Memphis gets all the attention because of the high ranking. Another fellow blogger likes Stanford as well. Didn’t see them getting as far but after looking at my bracket Saturday morning I’m not one to have any kind of relevant opinion!

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