Creating a straw man out of Reverend Wright

Much has been made out of the fact that Reverend Jeremiah Wright is Barack Obama’s ex pastor or current pastor. Who knows? Apparently your pastor isn’t allowed to have his own opinions if you are running for president since he might be a political liability.

Listen, I don’t agree with Reverend Wright or his opinions. But he has his right to express them. Its called a freedom of speech. It shouldn’t affect Obama’s qualifications to be president. Why is there such a double standard in this country? I am not going to go into George W. Bush’s history but suffice to say that he was friends with shadier men than Reverend Wright.

The issue here isn’t about Reverend Wright’s politics at all. Make no mistake about it, this is about Barack Obama’s candidacy. Obama has been hitting a note with a lot of people with his message of change and being a Washington outsider. He hasn’t been squeaky clean but none of the mud slinging has stuck so far. So what to do?

The old straw man tactic. The straw man argument is when a person can’t win a debate against you so they set up a weaker version of your stance and then try to attack it. In other words, they set up a straw man version of your argument and then attack the straw man. Reverend Wright has become Obama’s straw man. Of course, Obama’s opponents know that he doesn’t believe in the same ideas as Reverend Wright but maybe just maybe they can use him to create doubts about Obama. So far, they have been accomplishing just that.

Meanwhile, Reverend Wright isn’t helping the cause at all. He insists that he isn’t running for president. This is true so he should help Obama out by being quiet and staying low for now. But he refuses to stop. He seems to be enjoying the limelight. I have nothing against him but I just feel that he should help his friend and avoid controversy. For now.


4 Responses to “Creating a straw man out of Reverend Wright”

  1. Wait a minute. The date of this post is May 1.
    Are you actually saying you’ve just figured this out?

  2. No Kurt. I just now got around to blogging about it prompted by Reverend Wright’s recent speech at the NAACP convention. Previously, it was my stand to refrain on blogging about Obama because it would constitute a conflict of interest for obvious reasons. Couldn’t resist this time though. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Ok… I’m johnny come lately on this blog. But I couldn’t resist. What concerns me about this issue is that it’s endemic of what politics has become. Tactics instead of policy. Rev Wright is correct in stating that Senator Obama made some of his statements because he is a politician. That doesn’t mean that Obama doesn’t mean what he says, but he might not have said it if his political hand wasn’t forced. That doesn’t make him unfit for office. But the concern is, how does the average american find out about the issues when it’s so easy to get sidetracked by the bs?


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