If this happend to an American Citizen…


The article I linked to above is about the Al-Jazeera cameraman Sami Al-Hajj who was held by our government for 6 years without a trial. To summarize the story… He was captured along the Pakistani border. He had a valid work visa and was covering our war against the Taliban. He was then held for almost a year without a charge and for 5 more years without a trial. He was released on May 1st of this year (still never having a trial).

This story has not received much attention from the US media. My question… if this were a journalist from the US captured by the Iraqi government… how would we feel? We are moving toward a world economy but we still engage in tribalism as if we were in feudal times. Why aren’t we outraged? By virtue of his nationality he doesn’t deserve the same consideration as an American? That saddens me… as a human. This is not an indictment on our government. This is an indictment against the people who allow our government to commit these acts while defending our actions as “furthering democracy”. Let’s all wake up!!! We make this country great… Let’s take it back from those who have kidnapped our way of life and continue to label this semi-dictatorship a democracy. Vote… please


4 Comments to “If this happend to an American Citizen…”

  1. been ;like this since it was founded

  2. true… what concerns me is that the future we’re head for seems to be global and we’ve still got a local mentality. Like my grandfather used to say… don’t go into a vast project with a half-vast attitude… we’re looking half-vasted into a vast future…

  3. This is perfect legal due to this administration’s implementation of the Patriot Act. The patriot act needs to be read by every American Citizen and we need to cry out to have it done away with. It completely ignores the U.S. Constitution, including the right to due process and the right for privacy; All of our laws are suppose to be based upon the U.S. Constitution; yet the Patriot Act dismisses them without any way of resolve. I will send you a link of a video that you might find interesting; but most certainly informative on this in the near future.

  4. i think celtics gone take it

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