Brother, where is the revolution?

“Death is on the tip of her tongue and danger’s at the tip of her fingers, streets are on fire tonight”-Lupe Fiasco (The Cool).

Gas prices high, war raging in Iraq, inflation, stock market issues, housing market tanking, dollar value going down, down, down, what did I miss?

You get the point. Things just seem to be all bad in this country that everyone now seems to expect the bad. Quite a few times in the past month, I have been engaged in conversation with people and they often punctuated their statements with “the way things are going”……. So where exactly are things going and how can we go back to taking things back to the way they were.

“The way they were”. Were things really better in our past than they are right now? After all, were we not the country of robber barons and inequalities, racial strife and discrimination, classism etc? Yet the general consensus seems to be that things are getting worse.

Tons and tons of books have been written hashing and rehashing this fact. The politicians, the experts in the media, the businessmen, all talking about the same thing; restoring America’s greatness. But I can’t help but wonder; do we even care anymore? Are we so jaded now that we don’t even believe we can make a difference? Or are we just too comfortable in our own skin and our everyday lives? In this day and age where we have the power of the internet and advanced technology and where more people can be reached easier and faster, what have we achieved? Is there ever going to be a change or do we now have too much to lose?

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