Bush is our problem

George Bush’s failures as a President have been well documented. You can find a discussion of his incompetence in thousands of blogs, nearly every barber shop in the country, thousands of books, newscasts and political demonstrations. I am not here to try to discuss his merits as a leader of men; I am here to remind us of our role in creating him.

If Bush is so bad–and most people insist that he is–how come we elected him? Last time I checked, this is supposed to be a democracy. A system supposedly built on the ideals that the people should decide who their head man will be. And we did decide, we decided that he was a better option than both Vice President Al Gore and Senator John Kerry. So why then do people act like Bush was always acting alone? I have heard a lot of rhetoric about how unqualified he is. Did Bush then become unqualified overnight?

Of course not. Bush has always been himself. Had we done our homework, we would have realized that. His track record both as Governor of Texas and his stint in charge of various companies is public record. His time at Yale and the decisions he made as a younger man are also notoriously easy to find. My point is, there isn’t and wasn’t an elaborate web of deceit. Has Bush lied a lot? Of course he has. But one would be naive to think that he was or is the only President to have lied. Go back in history and you will find that quite a few Presidents have lied.

The reason we focus on his deception so much is to mask the fact that we were enablers. We want to believe that we signed off on the war in Iraq because we were deceived that there were “weapons of mass destruction”. This is simply not true. I never was okay with the war in Iraq and I got the same information that many other people did. There are also other people who didn’t support the Iraqi invasion including Colin Powell who was a key player in those days. No, the support for the war was because a majority of people in this country thought it would be easy. Go in, pop off a few bombs, win the war, find the weapons of mass destruction and then come home to a hero’s welcome. Had we just stopped to think, we would have realized just how difficult it would be to acheive that. We’d realize that Iraq had a history of Civil War and that it was going to become our problem. We’d find out that Iraq is mostly desert and that it would be difficult to wage and win a war in such conditions. We would have known that Bush’s father, George Bush Sr. who conducted Desert Storm, was against this invasion. Most importantly we would have let the United Nations do their jobs. But we didn’t because we never did our part.

Does this excuse those who didn’t vote at all? No because their vote or lack of a vote helped ensure that things ended up the way they are right now. If they didn’t like the two main candidates from the two main parties, there were other options. They could have made their voices heard in other ways too. They never did though and the rest as they say, is history.

It is the job of the people to police the government. We failed woefully the past eight years and for things to be any better, we need to realize that. We should stop waiting for the government or a savior to ride in and save us. It is past time for us to look in the mirror and realize that no matter who is in office, we ought to keep them accountable. Bush might be a monster, but we created that monster. Doesn’t that just make you proud?

8 Comments to “Bush is our problem”

  1. I think one of the reasons why we “created a monster” is because we are FORCED to chose between a douchebag or a turd sandwitch!.

    So pretty much, for as long as it matters, the two choices given to america is democrate or a republican. And MANY of us do NOT agree to BOTH. Meanwhile, P Diddy is going around yelling “Vote or Die”.

    What about the HUGE part of america that DOES NOT WANT TO VOTE FOR EITHER, AND WANT THIER VOICES TO BE HEARD. This is not to be mistaken with people who dont want to vote.

    I’ll BET YOU, if there was a “None of the above” choice, Bush would NOT have been the president!.

  2. Thanks for the comment Mozey and welcome. There is also an Independent party who one could vote for if the top two choices aren’t working. So what if they can’t ever win? You can cast that vote as a way to show the top two parties that you aren’t siding with them instead of just sitting out election. I believe there are actually up to 5 parties but only two can feasibly produce a president. But I see your point.

  3. My point is this; not voting is not the best way to make your voice heard.

  4. I believe this will be a hot topic for MANY years to come…about how we as Americans screwed up! I think what made me even more angry about the whole mess is I would happen upon people having conversations about it, and ask them, “Did you vote?” and the answer would be of utmost ignorance…”No, my vote wouldn’t have made a difference anyways…”

  5. Tera thanks for the comment and welcome. Indeed it is a hot topic and a stance that isn’t so popular. It sounds like we are talking to the same people because thats what I get from them too.

  6. y u being so nice and getle with mr. president lol

  7. Rawdawg
    Cos if I said everything I could say about him, there wouldn’t be any material left for other bloggers to use. I’d use up all the disses.

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