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July 12, 2008

Dude where’s my music?

I haven’t heard a remotely decent record in so long. Well scratch that, I picked up Lupe Fiasco’s latest offering, “The Cool”, about two months ago and that was hot. I also got Lil Wayne’s “Carter III” and I honestly wasn’t that impressed. Maybe it was because it had already been over hyped on the airwaves. Either way, I am yet to sit through the whole album.

The problem with music these days is that it has lost track of its most powerful pull; the ability to relate and be related to. You see, when 2pac was talking about the “Rose that grew out of the concrete” we all knew what he was talking about. On the other hand, I have never made it “rain on any hoes” a la Fat Joe and I can’t dream of owning a Maybach (shout out to Rick Ross). Hip hop may not be dying but it is definitely on life support. This goes past hip hop though. Lets take a look at some award winning lyrics from a recent R & B hit by Ray-J “Sexy Can I”.

Sexy can I, just pardon my manners. Girl how you shake it, got a playa like (ohhhh) It’s a kodak moment, let me go and get my camera All I wanna no is, sexy can I. Sexy can I, hit it from the front, then I hit it from the back. know you like it like that. then we take it to the bed, then we take it to the floor then we chill for a second, then were back at it for more.

Ladies, you swooning yet? Someone should tell my man Ray that R & B stands for Rhythm and Blues. I am just tired of waiting for someone to make something that is well thought out and shows more than minimal effort. I miss the days when rap, hip hop, and rock tried to change the world. Those days when musicians held a mirror up to society and raged “against the machine”. Maybe I am just getting old but that was music. These days music like that is only found deep, deep, underground and I am not in the mood to dig. Well, maybe I’ll make a record.