I wrote this right before I went to bed one night….

I am not comfortable, I have a lot on my mind. My pillow is soft and my bed large. My stomach has more than enough food in it and I am not wanting. This is precisely why I am uncomfortable. Tonight, there is a child who is going to bed hungry. There is a woman who will lie on her back giving up her dreams in exchange for the lies and promises of love. She was once a girl who grew up with a father who never appreciated or related to her so tonight she will seek that attention in empty places.

Tonight, a husband has left his family to seek juicy, forbidden fruit elsewhere. A young wife lays awake, alone, tears staining her pillow wondering what she did to deserve her fate. I want to speak to her of faith and redemption, of sacrifice and love, to swear that she is not alone. However, I cannot do all of this tonight.

All I have to offer on their behalf is my discomfort and my prayer. Thank you Lord that you never sleep and are taking care of the helpless. So tonight before I close my eyes, please comfort the uncomfortable. I leave them in your hands until tomorrow.

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