On debates, thickness of skin, and cordiality. (via The BrandBuilder Blog)

I thoroughly liked reading this post because I enjoy good, healthy debates. I especially liked the point he made about losing a debate. Most people I know seem to take the approach that they have to win a debate. However, I believe that I learn more from losing debates than I do from winning them.

Having said that, I don’t quite agree that complete objectivity can be acheived in a debate. There is so much around us that is subjective that I find myself being wary of those who claim to be entirely objective. I think objectivity should be treated as a scale with people being more or less objective than others. Thus, a good debator has to know that he/she has to deal with inherent subjectivity.

On debates, thickness of skin, and cordiality. A debater with thin skin is much like a soldier without composure: He isn't much good to his craft, not to mention his cause. I find myself debating a lot these days. Many of the topics revolve around business, brand management, crisis communications, Social Media, R.O.I. and marketing, while others touch on far more impor … Read More

via The BrandBuilder Blog

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