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January 2, 2011

Lessons Learned in 2010

1. I still have a lot to learn: I generally see myself as an intellectual, someone who is well read and loves to collect extra knowledge. However, this year was crazy even for my standards. I had new worlds opened to me that I did not even know existed. I look forward to exploring these in 2011.

2. Relationships are complicated: 2010 was very tough on my relationships. A year ago, I was surrounded by friends who were really close to me. I had no idea what was to come. Events would test these friendships and bring them to a breaking point. Decisions that were made by a couple of these friends would bring a lot of pain and troubles. As 2011 begins, I am faced with the question of what to do with those relationships and how to repair them. Above all, I realized that relationships do not exist in a world of black and white. Instead, there is a lot of grey area where people can make decisions that hurt the very people they love.

3. I met an incredible woman who I am currently dating: enough said

4. I discovered the true meaning of forgiveness: the aforementioned woman’s mother demonstrated that. Without getting into details (need permission), I learned how my girlfriend’s mother forgave a major wrong. It’s an amazing story that I would like to be able to tell here sometime. I found it very encouraging and saw it as an example of the best of what human beings are capable of.

Those are a few of the things from 2010 that are on my mind. Here’s to 2011 and new beginnings…..