Change is inevitable

Recently, change has been on my mind. Not the change that Barack Obama promised, but something a lot more personal to each of us. There is the time worn cliche that; “change is a good thing” yet I find that most people are afraid of change. Why is that? I think it’s because change for us represents something new, an X-factor of some sorts, an unknown. And fear of the unknown is one of the more common fears out there.

However, change should not be an unknown. Change is a reality and is consistent and a constant. Almost nothing is permanent but we like to pretend that our favorite things are and we make our decisions accordingly. Let’s apply this to the recent financial meltdown. It has been blamed on greed and rightfully so, but it is much more than that. A majority of the population did not imagine a world where things could be different. Tragically, we believed that the economy would always boom but the truth is where there is a boom a bust soon follows. What goes up will eventually come down. Had we been cognizant of this lesson, I believe we might have acted differently.

The world is changing. Democracy is spreading in places where we traditionally believed that it was impossible. The most amazing thing is that it is happening without direct American influence. We didn’t invade Tunisia or Egypt to set up democracy. Instead, these people are choosing it for themselves. In turn, this is sending shock waves throughout Africa and the Middle East. It is also forcing countries in the West to re-evaluate their foreign policies.

This is of course an oversimplification of a much more complex situation but remains a valid point. We need to embrace change and include it in our planning. Relationships evolve, the Stock Market goes up and down, jobs are gained and lost, and above all opinions change. Approach life with an open mind, challenge your assumptions constantly and do not be afraid to stretch yourself. Change is inevitable, and that is a good thing.

4 Comments to “Change is inevitable”

  1. Well said, and I think you’re on to something here. Most people would agree change is not only needed, but necessary. However the resistence is found in the consequence of that change. Sure we want things to get better, but not if it messes with our cushy routines. In this culture we are being taught that we can have things our way without having to pay for them. We can do what we want without penelty, and we want change without consequence. The sad truth is this is not real change at all. Every action, or lack of, has a consequential reaction. People don’t want to accept something they cannot control and, in my opinion, that is a childish and immature response to a universal law.

  2. To change or not to change…that is the question. I am grappling with said concept myself as of late. You’re right, change IS good, so why am I so uncertain of what to do?

  3. Hey! Really enjoyed reading this post! I definitely agree that we should recognize that change is inevitable – I think there is balance in accepting that change will come, but also not letting it hang over our head (and therefore not enjoying the moment in it’s turn). On a side note, thanks for coming to meet Anderson and I yesterday – it was so fun to meet you and see how much you enjoy Tiffany – she’s a pretty amazing woman, isn’t she! Keep taking good care of her ; )

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