The Round Table

The biggest challenge for me has been taking my vision and the ideas that have been floating around in my head and bringing them to life. I am working on the premise that most people are generous. I have seen it again and again. When people are given the opportunity to help, more often than not, they rise to the challenge. The problem is, most people don’t know all of what is going on and when they do know, they usually don’t know that they can help. My idea then was to start or spark the discussion. However, the plan is not to have empty talk. I’d like to have our discussion lead to plans that can be implemented. We may not be able to solve all the issues but the idea is to do what we can. Secondly, this will help educate people on these issues helping urge action on their part. So really it is two fold;
1. Educate
2. Implement

The Round Table as the name implies isn’t just about one person. It is about balance, about one person not being bigger or greater than the other. It is about discourse and dialogue, about fairness and equality.

7 Comments to “The Round Table”

  1. I’m with you all the way!

    Currently working on a series on prejudice at another site and for a book I hope to leave my generations.

    The movie, The Great Debaters, is a great history-based presentation.

    Gordon Allport’s “The Nature of Prejudice” really helped me understand the prejudices that challenge us internally and externally.

    The Wikipedia article entitled “Allport’s Scale” shows how prejudice moves from “speaking against” to group actions against the targets of prejudice.

    Your point about Clemens-Bonds is dead on.

    Question: How do propose that we promote

  2. “We have no ulterior motive except that justice prevail.”

    Oh my. This place will be overtaken by Trolls in 30 seconds.

  3. Not to worry Mr. Elzey, we have control over that. The blog has in built features to check that. Oh and welcome.

  4. Welcome to all. looking forward to reading learning from you all. Hopefully, I have something worthwhile to add. If not, I know a couple of good jokes and I’ve got some wonderful pictures of my daughter and me! Seriously, how precious a gift is purpose? Let’s not lose sight of that as we embark on this journey. And remember, the journey is the point.


  5. I found this link frm BGPHOUR & just posted my 1st comment ref. New Hampshire Blog and have spent a few minutes reading several blogs, including the Sean Taylor Tribute: very nice,fitting & on-point. I’m a 32 yr-old SWF (single white female) from the state of WV which, if all stereotypes were true and applied, I’d automatically b perceived soemthing I am not. I guess I’m suppsd 2 b a hillbilly w/no teeth, no running water & hate everybody xcept 4 white folks! Oh, and live in a trailor that “aint got no” road to it nor a phone so I’m lucky that I rigged up a connection off my neighbor’s satellite dish 2 hook up to the internet somehow, lol. And, I watch TV with these rigged bunny ears I got from my husband (who is also my daddy’s brother) On a serious note, it sounds like the Round Table is something I would very much be interested in being a part of and concur with its Mission. I have zero tolerance for racial, sexual, religious, or other types of categorical groups that are discriminated against. Injustices and/or views that are discriminative in nature b/c of one’s status or lackthereof is disheartening. Appears 2 b a great venue 2 share & hopefully problem solve, inspire, give hope, open minds, change others’ views, or at a minimum simply allow those 2 vent in a forum where ur encouraged, supported or even “agree to disagree” in a healthy, respectful manner. On a lighter note, I luv 2 compete no matter what the competition might b, am an avid sports fan, played b-ball in college, worship Michael Jordan despite his very few flaws (we all have flaws) and am blessed 2 work 4 an org tht I love & believe in both our vision/mission 100%. In closing, I look forward 2 da Round Tables’ topics & applaud those who created the concept and THX 2 bgfour 4 sharing the link 2 begin with!

  6. Wow! Have only read 4 articles so far but I’m very impressed with what you’re doing – this is an excellent site. Kudos to you all!

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