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March 5, 2008


I have a confession to make. Today, I don’t feel powerful. Actually it had been going on for a few weeks now but I don’t feel strong. Today, I feel quite normal. Like I can’t make a difference. I feel like there are only a few of us and we are like water drops in the big ocean. My God today, I need your strength, your grace and your mercy.

Today I feel very much like I am just a college student and not a man with a big, bright future. After all, I have bills to pay and I am not making enough to offset them. So I am broke and this changing the world thing doesn’t pay a dime. Therefore today, I want to focus on the green and forget about everything else wrong with the world. I promise that if I make money enough I would be able to give more back and I would focus more on others. Or would I?

I don’t care. Not today. Today is all about me. My needs, my tears. My fears, my way. The highway is yours for this is my world and being good doesn’t come with a credit score. So talk of what is right is becoming a bore.

Today, I need you the most because my cross is getting heavy and my loss has kept me weary so stay with me. Today, be my voice and carry on what we started because I feel more ghetto than philosopher and the fight has not been won. But I won’t stop my roll for therein lies my soul. Again I have to ask you; where is your heart?