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February 5, 2008

Table Talk 2: Education

For our next issue, we’ll be taking on a big issue. An issue so huge that we’ll dedicate not one but two weeks to it. This is a personal fight of mine. I believe that 75% or more of all our problems stem from a lack of knowledge or education (My personal statbook. Don’t even bother questioning it. It is law!!)

Some more statistics; According to the Christian Science Monitor; the high school drop out rates are nearly 50% for blacks, hispanics and native Americans. This is even more alarming when you think of it this way; most schools only report students who register as a drop out. Of course a lot of students don’t register when they want to stop going to school.( The Washington Post )They simply stop showing up.

Most other publications and research on the matter agree with that. I don’t think that it is a coincidence that the poorer minorities (and I say poorer minorities because Asian Americans are a minority too but have the lowest drop out rate of any group) have the higher drop out rate. The way out of a problem is to know how and simply put; we don’t know how.

Why is this? I believe that the problem is two fold. Certain educators and the system in place right now does not try hard enough to go after these troubled kids. On the other hand the same kids do not value school enough because their eyes are on other things. Education isn’t a top priority in the “hood”. When was the last time you heard a rapper say something deep about school? Or for that matter say something deep period. Knowledge is power and since we have no knowledge we have no power.

So what do we do? Well this is why I am opening up the conversation to everyone. We need to reach out to our folks and let them see the light. The word needs to get out and we need to change this culture of stupidity around. The government can do whatever it wants to do but until we as a people start to value knowledge, learning and pick up a book, things will never change. They’ll stay the same.