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January 29, 2008

Table Talk 1: Negativity

I was sitting there wondering what to make our first table talk subject and I couldn’t come up with something yet. All of a sudden inspiration hit me. There is always a lot of negative information out there today.

Listen to the news. There is always something wrong or someone killing somebody, obesity statistics, things that can kill you, How you can avoid being killed etc. Not enough time is focused on the good that is going on around us. We’ve got people volunteering, real life heroes, just plain nice people in the world.

We have enough information about athletes and their wild ways. Their cars and lavish lifestyle. Pacman Jones makes it rain in Vegas, we hear about it. Kobe Bryant helps the make a wish foundation and it gets absolutely no coverage.The end result is that people live in fear. You can’t walk up to someone on the street and say “hello” to them because they might have a gun or might be a freak of some sort.

No wonder certain youth turn to gangs and dreams of becoming rappers or ballplayers. They lack positive role models that they can believe in. How can we tell them to stay in school when we can’t show them examples of people who made that system work for them? It is not that these models don’t exist, they just get little to no coverage.

So this first week is dedicated to the good in all of us. This week is about looking at yourself and saying, this is a beautiful place to live. Its not always doom and gloom all the time. Are things bad? Yes they are but there is so much more good. So much more.

January 26, 2008

The Round Table Organization

There has been so much going on its hard to keep abreast of everything including this spot. This is not to say that it has been neglected thus far. Not at all.

Here are some of the things we’ve been working on:

The Round Table Organization is finally a reality. As of now there are only a few of us so I am not going to go through incorporation and so on as of yet. We’ll see how far it goes and how much it grows. Like I said before, the goal is to do what is right in this country. This is of course is a very broad concept and that is on purpose. There are gaping holes that need to be dealt with and our goal is to do our best.

How are we going to go about this? Thats where you come in. You are welcome to join us. Every tuesday, we’ll pick a new topic as the focus of the week. We’ll blog on it and put some stats up and why you should care. Then we’ll open up the floor to suggestions. The purpose of this is to get intelligent ideas that we can find ways to act on. We don’t believe in just waiting for the government to solve problems. There are things that we can do and it is time to start doing them.